The Intuitive Career Management Course

What happens on a course......I will

>Share the Intuitive Career Management process with you so you will know where you are on it and can take the appropriate action to get the work you are passionate about and want to do.

>Provide you with a structure of how to acknowledge what you are good at, clarifying your skills and talents from a positive perspective which will lead to an authentic CV or marketing document so you sell the real you, the one you want to be.
>Help you understand your purpose and clarify your vision to be aligned with your purpose

>Help you let go of what is holding you back so you can reach your vision.

>Give you Information on the 10 principles behind Intuitive Career Management to help you think about your attitude to careers and work and shift them to ones that are relevant to the present and future.

>Include current thinking on personal development and conscious evolution which apply to careers and work. This includes the concept of Spiritual Competencies e.g.courage, faith and surrender.

>Guide you to get in touch with your intuition from a number of sources to broaden your understanding of it so you feel comfortable using it alongside your usual logical and practical ways of being in the world.

>Make sure you leave with a Momentum Plan so you have your next steps!

The course will have input, self reflection, drawing, image-work, meditation discussion. It will be practical, fun and relaxed as that is my style. It can be followed up with 1 to 1 coaching.

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